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 Affairs of Student Living Guidance Section
(Location :C111)

Division of Student Life Purpose:
This division's main purpose is to provide assistance for students to have a smooth student life on campus and to provide counseling services.

School Services
In charge of on and off campus scholarship applications, student loans, tuition waivers, student housing services, student off-campus leasing services, student emergency services, disadvantaged families financial aid, student incentive conducts, and lost and found services. 

Student Life Counseling
Provide students with the necessary academic resources outside schoolwork, and care services to help students solve problems in life. With these services, we assist in the students' completion of their studies.

Student Loan
The old application form has been annulled. The new one can be downloaded athttps://sloan.bot.com.tw. At present, the application for student loan is handled by the Bank of Taiwan. Applicants should be aware of it. After all the procedures are done, the receipt of proof should be submitted to the division during the appointed time.
The person in charge: WU, WENWEN (Extension number: 1221)

Scholarship Application
At present, relevant scholarship application forms are attached on the webpage of the Chinese version. If you have any questions about qualifications for application, inquire after the person in charge of the division.
The person in charge:FANG, MAOJUNG(Extension number: 1222)

Dormitory Service
Nan Hua Chi Tsun (Extension number: 12107)
Yuan Chi Building(Extension number: 73000)
Nan Hua Building(Tel : 05-2641508)
Wen Huei Building(Extension number: 71100)
Li Tze Building(Extension number: 71100)
Dormitory Management System
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