Operating Procedures of NHU Dormitory Application


Operating Procedures of Moving in NHU Dormitory

 l         學生宿舍進住公告

Announce the Dormitory Check-In Date


The first semester: Announce the dormitory check-in date in mid-August.


The second semester: Announce the dormitory check-in date in mid-January.

 l         繳費

Complete the Payment


Pay the dormitory fee and a deposit.

 l         修繕及整潔維護

Repair and Cleanliness Maintaining


Examine each room, and complete all repair works and cleaning before students come.

 l         完成報到手續

Report for duty


1. Check-In Date: According to the check-in date of the announcement, basically, Current Students should check-in 3 days before the first day of school. Freshman should check-in 1 week before school opening ceremony.


2.Check-in service: When students check-in, verify their identity card or student's ID card with register name list, in addition, look over whether they have paid the dormitory fee and a deposit or not.


3. Fill In and Hand In the Information Form: Complete handing in a accommodation information form with a 2 inch mugshot (photo of front and waist up).


Contract: After students read the dormitory rule and regulation carefully, signs their name up and hand in the contracts on the spot.

 l         進住

Move in


Students complete check-in procedures can take the key and then move in the dormitory.

 l         取消入宿資格

Cancel the Qualification


Student, who fails to complete check-in procedures by the deadline, would be cancelled the qualification for dormitory-stay. The vacant beds will be filled from the waiting list.

 l         寢室財產清點

Check All the Property In the Room


When students move in, they should check all the property in the room on the list of property. If there is something lost or under any damages, students have to report on the spot. The dorm counselor will ask the office of general affairs to repair.

 l         床位遞補

Fill the Vacant Beds

 l         完成住宿確認

Confirm the Accommodation Status

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