Dormitory / Dormitory Q&A


Q1: How to apply for housing?

  • Depending on which kind of room you would like to live, you can choose Normal Dormitory. Please look at the websites below:
  • Dormitory(Click here) http://ecis.nhu.edu.tw/staff/RoomingHouse/RoomingHouse/NewHtml/Newindex.html

Q2: How will I know if I successfully signed up for room?

  • You can find a group leader to confirm Counseling.

Q3: What do I need to know if I want to change my assignment?

You can find a group leader to confirm Counseling.

Q4: What do I need to know if I want to check out the housing?

  • Steps:

1.    Clean up your room and take away all your belongings.

2.    Find your Dormitory administrator to fill in the Check-Out Approval Paper.

3.    Dormitory administrator to check no problem, return of keys Tuisu complete the job.

Q5: What kinds of behaviors are not allowed at the dormitories?

  • Transferring bed spaces to others, forcibly occupying bed spaces, or obstructing others from moving in.
  • Stealing, gambling, drinking alcohol, assaulting, or playing mahjong.
  • Storing dangerous or restricted goods.
  • Engaging in illegal acts using housing Internet or violating the regulations of academic Internet.
  • Keeping visitors overnight or allowing visitors entering the room without permission.
  • Introducing businessmen to the dormitory for trading goods.
  • Installing electrical appliances unapproved by the university.
  • Cooking inside rooms.
  • Keeping pets in the dormitory without permission.
  • Smoking in the territories of the dormitories.
  • Damaging public properties inside the dormitory, or disposing them without permission.
  • Violating rules stipulated by the dormitory.
  • Other behaviors in violation of public health, environmental peacefulness, or public safety.
  • Loud noises at inappropriate hours, such as after 12pm.


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