Dormitory / NHU Dormitory Rules and Regulations

 NHU Dormitory Rules and Regulations

l   Dromitory students should pay accommodation fee according eo their room types each semester,in addition,the Internet charge and the deposit for NT$2,000. The deposit would be refunded when the day student moves out of the dormitory without any abnormal damage on the list of property,unclean room,and unpaid electricity bill.

l   Dormitory students should pay the Internet charge for NT$1000 each semester whether they will use the dormitory Internet or not.

l   Extra electricity billThe actual added kilowatt-hour each month subtract the basic prescribed kilowatt-hour( Wen Hui 100,Li Zhe 125,Jui Cun 145,Yuan Qi 125),then times NT$ 4 per kilowatt-hour,and divide by the number of students per room.

l   Dormitory students are not allowed to store dengerous or restricted goods(knifes,guns,weapons,gasoline).And smoking,drinking,stealine,gambling,pets keeping,cooking(inside the dormitory room or in public areas), or installing electrical appliances of high power consumption(television,refrigerator,steam cooker...)are banned in dormitory.

l   Visitation hours9am-5pm. The visitor have to register at the counselor office,wear a vest,and then enter the dormitory by a dormitory student’s leading. (Time limit30 minutes)

l   The dormitory students’ ID cards and room keys are for personal use only. Without permission,students change bed spaces, move in or move out of the dormitory,or keep visitors for the night, whould be recorded demerits according the school regulations(cancal the accommodation qualification and confiscate the accommodation fee and the depsit).

l   Do not take away any public property in commom rooms without permission, including desks and chairs,TV and the remote control, books,and so on.

l   Do not make loud noises or play the music in the hallway or in the dormitory rooms. Do not place your own belongings or trash in the public area like the hallway, staircases, common rooms, or the washing rooms.

l   The counselor will clear up all refrigerators every Thursday (in Wen Hui, Li Zhe, and Yuan Qi Dormitoty). In Friday morning, the counselor will discard the unqualified object if no one claim it back. Do not put trash into the kitchen waste buckets or the sinks. The refrigerator of every room in Jiu Cun Dormitory has to pull the plug and be emptied out on the last day of the semester.

l   Do not use emergency exit door only when emergency situations and the day students move in and move out. If there is any damage with the door,the student should pay for the repayment of the compensation. Do not stay , play, or barbecue on the top floor.

l   Please stop using washing machine, spin-dryer, or tumble dryer after 2400.

l   Every poster should be registered and stamped at the counselor office before it is put up on the bulletin board.

l   Personal property and valuables should be kept safe on one’s own please. And if there is anything missing ,the university is not responsible for it.

l   For repair works, if students do not answer when the dorm counselor knock at the door for 3 times, the counselor can enter the dormitory student’s room by the spare key.

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