Dormitory / NHU Dormitory Tenancy Agreement

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Nanhua University Dormitory Tenancy Agreement

The deposit won’t be return to whom transfer to another school


Article 1 :         The term of the Agreement is one academic year (include the first & the second                                            semester). According to “Regulations of NHU Dormitory Managing Article 4”, the term of students living in which the first semester involves to winter vacation; second semester is until early July. Detail information depends on the announcement of dormitory.

Article 2 :         Each semester, the accommodation fee includes the charge of internet, water and electricity bill (Extra electricity bill have to pay by yourselves). Reference about school accommodation: Wen Hui Lou: (4 people suite) is NT$9,100; (3 people suite) is NT$10.000 (2 people suite) is NT$12,700; (Single room) is NT$16,700. NHU Jui Tsun (4 people suite) is NT$12,300 or NT$12,700. YuanQi: (2 people suite) is NT$12,700; (4 people suite) is NT$ 11,000. Nanhua Guan (single suite) is NT$16,700; (Single room) is NT$ 15,400; (2 people suite) is NT$12,700; (2people room) is NT$10,900.

Article 3 :         Every student should pay NT$2000 dormitory deposit before living at the first semester. Deposit will be returned at the end of second semester if students can keep the room as original and no extra electricity bill. Deposit is not refunded to whom leave dormitory early than the term of tenancy agreement.

Article 4 :         To maintain the interests of accommodation students and other students, the accommodation period is one year, student who live the under the term and move out the dormitory will not giving back the accommodation fees include charge of internet and dormitory deposit unless student who take study leave withdraw from school or other special reason that approve by student affairs division is not include in this term. Standart of fees return is according by student manual.

Article 5 :         Accommodation fees and deposit printed in one bill, dormitory student should register every semester, and pay the bill in CHANG HWA Bank, show the receipt to dormitory administrator and complete the formalities, those who exceed the deadline shall be punished according by school rules.

Article 6 :         For the safety, male and female hostels are separated. A visitor from different gender need to be registered before visit. Visitation hour is from 9AM to 5PM and duration will be 30minutes at each visit. Visitor have to wear a vest of visitor violater will be punished and staff will inform the parents.

Article 7 :         All residents have the duty to keep dormitory in good condition. It is prohibited to smoke and drink alcohol in the area of accommodation. After 12AM students are not allowed to make noises, disturb other.Also using washing machine, dryer are not allowed. Violater will be punished by dormitory rules.

Article 8 :         About dormitory regulation could check from the student manual.

Article 9 :         There is a Student Association of Dormitory, which is the communication bridge between dormitory students and school, then helps to deal with problem. Those members will be elected by the dormitory students with no getting benefit, please cooperate and support when doing dorm’s police.

Article 10 :     In emergency situation, we will contact with your parents ASAP, please fill the personal and parents information.

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